Mift Patch Notes / Mift Upcoming Features

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Mift News / Coming Features

Update Description Estimated Release Build Developer Under Development
World Saving and Loading Save your world and come back to it later through the load world menu. Pre-Alpha 1.70 Bryce Hahn
Proper Collision Detection Player will properly calculate collisions and will not get stuck on collision Pre-Alpha 1.75 Bryce Hahn
Depth of Field Effect Objects and terrain at a distance in the background will be blured to optimize the game Pre-Alpha 1.80 Bryce Hahn
World Edge Fog The world is not infinite, therefor there will be a world border with heavy fog Pre-Alpha 1.90 Bryce Hahn
Custom Myo Spell Controlls When connected, the Myo Armband will allow spells to be fired through special arm movements and sequences Pre-Alpha 1.98 Mason Cluff
Oculus Rift Implementation Experience the world of Mift like never before through virtual reality heasets Alpha 1.00 Bryce Hahn

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