Download Mift's Latest Build

Welcome to the download page for Mift! Here you can download the game for either Windows or Mac. Do be warned however, Mift is still in pre-alpha stage of development. We can not guarantee stable builds uploaded. If you experience an error/bug, discover an exploit, etc.. please report it to us through the Contact Us page. Thank you very much for participating in our pre-alpha open testing.
- Mift Development Team

Cross Platform

Pre-Alpha 1.56

2.1 MB .rar → .jar

Source Code

Pre-Alpha 1.56

231 KB .rar

Resources Part 1

Required For Both

48.7 MB .zip

Resources Part 2

Required For Both

49 MB .z01

If you are downloading the runnable, or the source, they both require the resources to run. Please download parts 1 and 2. Sorry for the incovinience, Github allows files up to 50MB max in size.
Or check out the Official Mift Github Repository to download previous versions of the source code.